Allison Harrison
August 11, 2020

How To Hire & Fire Confidently

Understanding the Importance of a Termination Letter

Terminating an employee is never fun. As a small business owner, you have built up a relationship with the employee. You may also have fears of unfair discrimination claims or increased unemployment insurance premiums. In order to protect the business, it is good to document the ground for termination (just like pre-termination discipline) and schedule a consultation with an employment lawyer if you have any questions. A termination letter can be a relatively easy way for the business to outline all of the reasons for termination. The reasons can vary, depending on your business and your employee handbook. We have provided a sample to help your business draft its own termination letter.

Sample Termination Letter TemplateLegal Disclaimer


<<Manner Delivered - by hand, email, etc.>>

<<Employee Name>>

<<Employee Address>>

<<Employee Address>>

 Re: Termination of Employment with <<Company Name>>

Dear <<Employee Name>>

This letter is to inform you that as of <<Date>>, we are terminating your employment with the <<Company Name>>. Your employment with <<Company Name>> is at-will, which allows <<Company Name>> to end the employer-employee relationship without notice and without reason. This letter serves as a confirmation of the termination as discussed <<How discussed - in person, telephone, video chat>> on <<Date>>.

You are being terminated for cause for several violations of <<Company Name>>’s employee handbook.

Specifically, you have:

1) <<Cite Sections of Handbook Violated>>

2) <<Cite Sections of Handbook Violated>>

3) <<Cite any warnings, write ups, or progressive discipline and date of such event>>

4) <<Cite any warnings, write ups, or progressive discipline and date of such event>>

Your final paycheck will be available on ________________. Within two weeks you will be mailed an information packet with details regarding your eligibility under COBRA for insurance benefits (if applicable). As of today, all of your passwords used to access online company and client accounts will be disabled. If you have any questions, you may call me at the office number or email me at <<Email Address>>>.




Legal Disclaimer

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