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Keep up with the ever-changing laws and regulations in the Auto Industry.

The Importance of a Car Dealership Attorney

Are you tired of having to explain your business in painstaking detail to your current counsel? Do you wonder if they truly grasp the ins and outs of the retail auto industry, from floor plans to vendor relationships? At ALH, Allison stands as a beacon of expertise, having grown up in the industry. With her deep-rooted understanding and familiarity with the retail auto industry – its jargon and suppliers – she is uniquely positioned to seamlessly support dealers like you! Whether you're venturing into a new finance offering or dealing with a consumer lawsuit, you are in experienced hands.

Are you facing an angry consumer?

We empower dealerships throughout Ohio and Michigan to take charge when facing AG & BBB Complaints, attorney demand letters, and consumer lawsuits. If you have a dissatisfied consumer and are looking for help resolving the dispute, we are here to support you every step of the way. From responding to demand letters all the way through complex jury trials, we stand by your side, offering guidance and experience at all stages of the dispute. We have represented dealers in state and federal courts for over 12 years.

Are you going before the Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board?

For over 13 years, Allison has stood alongside dealers like you in front of the Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board, urging the Board to allow the dealer to keep their license. As one of the rare attorneys with extensive experience before the Dealer Board, she comprehends its inner workings and the hearing procedures. With Allison by your side, you are equipped with insight and transparency as you navigate the pivotal moments when your license hangs in the balance. If you received a Notice and Opportunity for a hearing before the Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board, take action and call Allison today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What legal services do you provide for auto dealers?

We offer a comprehensive range of legal services tailored specifically for car dealerships, including franchise and vendor contract negotiations, compliance with federal and state regulations, handling consumer complaints and lawsuits, and representing dealers before the Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board and other regulatory bodies.

Why is it important to have an attorney who is experienced in the auto industry?

Do you know all the lingo in the auto industry? TTLD, F&I, TILA, CAC, BHPH, and the list goes on. Working with an attorney with a depth of knowledge in the industry saves you the hassle of explain normal auto-industry terms. Plus, our team knows the regulatory scheme your business is under and has experience working with those laws.

 Can you help me with a consumer complaints and lawsuits?

We assist in all stages of consumer disputes, from responding to initial demand letters to defending dealerships in court. We have represented dealers at all levels - from small claims up to federal lawsuits. Additionally, we regularly work with the AG and BBB on informal dispute resolution. 

What should I do if I receive a Notice from the Ohio Motor Vehicle Dealer Board?

If you receive a Notice and Opportunity for a hearing, it is critical to respond promptly and prepare adequately. We can represent you in front of the Dealer Board for more than a decade, leveraging our extensive experience to advocate on your behalf and aim to secure the best possible outcome.

Can you assist with licensing issues for car dealerships?

Yes, we help dealerships obtain and maintain their licenses, deal with compliance issues, and represent them in hearings if their licenses are threatened. Our expertise includes understanding the specific requirements and procedures of state and federal licensing bodies.

What experience do you have with auto dealership law?

Our lead attorney, Allison, has over 13 years of experience representing auto dealers in legal matters. Her deep familiarity with the industry’s nuances, from floor plans to vendor relationships, makes her particularly effective in providing legal solutions that are both practical and compliant.

When should I update my estate plan?

It's wise to review and possibly update your estate plan after major life events like marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, the death of a beneficiary, significant changes in financial status, or changes in the law that may affect your estate planning.

How do you charge for your services?

Fees vary based on the complexity of the case and the type of service provided. We offer some services at a flat rate, while others may be billed hourly or on a contingency basis. We always provide a clear fee structure and discuss all costs upfront with our clients.

What steps should I take when expanding or modifying my dealership’s finance offerings?

Any changes to your dealership's finance offerings require careful consideration of regulatory compliance and contract law. We can help you review and negotiate finance contracts to ensure they meet legal standards and protect your business interests.

How do you handle cases involving the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) or other regulatory agencies?

We provide representation in investigations and enforcement actions by federal agencies such as the CFPB and state agencies such as the Attorney General (AG). Our services include compliance audits, responding to subpoenas, and defending against claims of regulatory violations.