Small Business Lawyers in Columbus, OH

There Is No One Size Fits All for Your Business Needs

That’s why we specially tailor solutions to you and your unique situation.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

Our team does more than just defend Clients from lawsuits (though we do that too). We empower businesses at any stage to address their issues and goals.

Launching your Dream Venture

Navigating the hurdles of growth

Planning for the future

Starting a Business – From Idea to Reality

Do you have an idea for a side hustle? Are you ready to take a jump from a 9-5 and follow your dreams? We can help make those dreams become a reality. Our team empowers visionaries like you to bring their dream to life! From creating your company to navigating the complexities of hiring your first employee, we are your trusted guides. With our transparent flat-rate business services, you’ll have full clarity on your budget as you take the leap into entrepreneurship. Together, let’s make your dream a reality!

Take Control of Your Contracts

From software agreements to delivery terms and credit card processing contracts, every detail matters. But, do you truly understand what you’ve signed up for? We work with our clients to interpret – in plain English - every legal term and condition so you have clarity and control over your business’s decisions. We’ll empower you to weigh the pros and cons of each vendor contract, allowing you to make informed decisions that propel your success forward!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me review my contract?

We review all types of contracts! Some of the most common types are Non-disclosure agreements, software as a service, finance agreements, and operating agreements. If its a contract, we likely can help! 

Can you help me respond to a consumer complaint?

We offer a comprehensive service for responding to consumer complaints including those filed with the Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, or as private demands. If litigation is necessary, we’ve got you covered. 

 Can you help me set up a new LLC?

Yes! Creating a new LLC involves filing with the Secretary of State, drafting an operating agreement, obtaining an EIN, and completing beneficial ownership reporting. 

What happens if there is a dispute over the terms of a contract?

In the event of a contract dispute, we assist business in negotiation and litigation services to resolve issues according to the terms of the contract and applicable law. We aim to provide a resolution that minimizes risk and potential losses for our clients.

What should I expect during a business dispute resolution process?

The resolution process can vary based on the nature of the dispute, but typically involves an initial assessment, collection of relevant documents, a strategy session, and negotiations. If necessary, it may advance to mediation or litigation.

Can you handle complex business disputes that go to court?

Yes, we are equipped to handle complex disputes that require litigation. Our team includes experienced litigators who can represent your interests in court effectively.

What is a Non-Disclosure or Non-Solicitation agreement, and when should I use one?

Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Non-Solicitation Agreements protect confidential information and prevent solicitation of clients or employees, respectively. These are essential for maintaining business integrity, especially during partnerships, mergers, or when hiring new employees. You should talk with an attorney on whether an NDA is right for you and your business!