Allison Harrison
July 26, 2022

Does Ohio have an estate tax? | ALH Law Group

No. As an estate planning attorney, one thing I hear from folks when we start looking at their estate plan is I'm really concerned about my heirs having to pay an estate tax in Ohio. Ohio did away with the estate tax years ago, and estate tax is the accumulation of all of your assets. And then there's a tax put on it and your heirs pay it or your estate pays it. In Ohio, that's not a concern. At the federal level in 2022, the estate tax doesn't kick in until the estate exceeds over 12 million. If you do not have a gross net worth of around 12 million, that should not be a driving force in how you do your estate plan. If you're in a state outside of Ohio, certainly look at it, but make sure that, you know, if there is one and don't go off the assumption that there is.