Kristin Vana
December 27, 2022

How does estate planning differ for the LGBTQ community

What is different about estate planning for the LGBTQ community? The short answer is nothing. Since the Supreme Court decided on Obergfell/Windsor, LGBTQ couples are treated the same as straight couples throughout the nation. The biggest difference we see is with family. Do they know about your relationship, do they approve of it. More LGBTQ couples have family issues with people not approving within their family and not wanting to acknowledge the spouse. It is important to prepare and plan for these situations so it does not become an issue and your spouse is taken care of. The other part of it is having intake forms that are more specific. You need forms that say spouse one/spouse two or partner one/partner two instead of forms that say husband/wife. The forms also need to have a non-binary option when asking for the gender of spouses or children. Those are the biggest differences when planning for an LGBTQ couple and family.