Allison Harrison
March 27, 2019

Cyber Security Practical Suggestions

Cyber Security Lawyer

In today’s technology-driven world, protection of data and information is more important than ever. Although cybersecurity needs may vary based on size and type of business, here are some general and practical suggestions to follow to protect your business’s data and information. For more information, see the Federal Trade Commission’s website. If you need legal assistance for your business, contact Allison L. Harrison Law, LLC, to arrange a consultation with a cyber security lawyer.  

Helpful Hints to Protect Your Data and Information

DO log off of your computer when you leave the room.

DO use strong passwords using a minimum of 10 characters, including a combination of lower case, upper case, symbols, and numbers.

DO limit download access to specific administrators.

DO use encrypted document sharing programs.

DO use a firewall and antivirus software on all computers.

DO use multifactor authentication if available (a second code sent to your phone or email).

DO secure laptops and tablets physically with locks to prevent theft and access.

Cyber Security Lawyer
Cyber Security Lawyer

DO securely backup your files with encryption.

DO restrict the use of personal devices for company to protect data.

DO NOT give the public access to your WiFi network. If you want to provide WiFi, create a separate network that cannot access your internal network.

DO NOT leave written passwords in easily accessible places (such as on a sticky note attached to the monitor).

DO NOT download anything, including software, music, or games without specific permission.

DO NOT click links in emails unless you know the sender and you are expecting an email with a link.

DO NOT access public WiFi networks with devices that contain company data.  

DO NOT share passwords with anybody.

Have Questions For A Cyber Security Lawyer?

Reach out to the experienced and dedicated cyber security lawyers at Allison L. Harrison Law, LLC, for legal assistance in protecting your business data and information. Time is of the essence with these and other issues involving the health of your business. Rather than searching “cyber security lawyer near me,” contact us. Our law firm can handle a wide range of minor and complex business litigation matters.